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  Welcome to the website. Your quest for low cost motocross bikes is about over! Here you will find wholesale savings up to 75% less than retail prices. Buying one gently used should serve the serious MX racer or trail rider very well. Thank you for visiting.

Honda CRF450 Yamaha YZ250 Suzuki RM-Z Kawasaki KX450f

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Pit Bikes are geeky cool. Reliable and proven 4 cycle engine with 4 speed. These pit bikes are really tricked out. The only thing missing is a cup holder for your beer. Pit Bikes are mellow enough for Grandma to ride, but fast enough for kids to race. Low Cost Prices starting at $399.
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     Low cost MX ATV and Used Dirt Bikes Motocross Parts Tires Accessories. Years ago I raced in district 38 in San Diego. Back in the 1970s this area was the mecca of motocross racing. I worked my way up through the ranks from novice to expert. In the novice class I raced a cheap Hodaka 100 Super Rat. I guess I had some skill as I was beating most 125cc riders in my class. My next MX bike was a 125cc Yamaha YZ. It was faster than hell and could hang with the Honda Elsinore. White ATV Helmet and Red low cost Motorcycle Helmets Blue. The YZ was expensive too, as the price was about the same as a good 250. Buy Samsung Galaxy S7

    Buy 450cc Honda CRF 450R MX and Honda CRF250R MX TRX CR500 Pit Bikes

    1. Honda CRF MX Bikes For Sale
    The CRF450R is, once again, a very fast motorcycle. Compared to last year, the power spread seems to be a bit more linear, as a third gear roll-on confirms that the Honda CRF once again pulls strongly and smoothly throughout the RPM range. However it is a toad compared to the 1986 CR500. I owned a CR500 and a Maico 490, and the CR was much faster. However the Maico 490 was a much better cornering bike. In a straight line, the Honda CRF hook-up of this motorcycle is insane. You nearly have to sit on the gas cap to keep the front end from coming up! Available in 150 cc (CRF150), 230 cc (CRF230), 250 cc (CRF250), and 450 cc (CRF450). CR450-X, XR 650R and XR 650 off road dirt bikes. TRX 450 Fourtrax Rubicon foreman ATV CR 85 CR 125 CR 250 CR 500 CRF 150 CRF 230 Honda CRF 250 CRF 450 XR Enduro TRX 450 ATV Buy Tires Cheap Carlisle
    MX Empire low cost motocross bikes buy used Honda CRF 250 $1900 CRF 450 $2,100 Yamaha YZ 450F four stroke 4 cycle 450 AHRMA vintage motorcycles cheap motorcycle helmets YZ125 for sale used dirt two stroke Suzuki RM-Z 450discount price dealer craigslist ATV buy Kawasaki KX250F KTM parts 450cc Husqvarna 430 Maico 490 Bultaco 360 CZ 400. A good way to learn how to go fast is by driving real slow. Get up in some woods and rocks with your MX bike and ride in first gear like you would a trials rider. Learn how to use your clutch, throttle, and balance to manuver through the obstacles. Buy Tiny House You may be a little odd at first but after 20 minutes or so you will get the hang of it. What this does is teach you the risk and reward factor. It is better to practice this going 7 mpg rather than balls out on a race course. Watch you engine water temperature and don't bang up your exhaust pipe. Cheap Honda CRF 450 R X DIY Kill Bed Bugs
    2. Buy Yamaha YZ F Motocross
    Yamaha YZ F power is there whenever you need it at a moments notice. Crack the throttle and instantly feel the rear wheel churning up dirt. That kind of instant throttle response is at the heart of the new Yamaha YZ F engine. All new intake and exhaust cams, along with a higher compression piston have the new YZ450F battling for holeshot after holeshot. Models: 125cc two stroke YZ 125, 2 cycle 250cc YZ 250, 250cc four stroke YZ 250F, and 450cc 4 cycle YZ 450F. See WR 450 enduro motorcycles. Yamaha TT Trail YFZ 450 ATV Classic Campers
    Low cost YZ 250F

    For Sale Yamaha YZ450F MX Yamaha YZ250F MX Maico 490 Bultaco 360 CRF 450X KX 250F RMZ 250 YZ 450F

    3. Suzuki RM-Z MX Bikes For Sale
    The RMX450Z is a serious off-road bike for serious trail riders. Its powerful and torquey 449 cc, liquid-cooled, Suzuki RM-Z four-stroke engine shares all core technology with Suzuki winning open-class motocrosser. Descended from the Championship winning RM-Z 450, the first motocross bike to offer high-performance Suzuki Suzuki RM-Z fuel injection. MX racing models: Suzuki RM-Z 250, and Suzuki RM-Z 450. Also check out the DR 650 and DR-Z dirt bikes. Suzuki RM 85 RM 125 RM 250 RM-Z 250 Suzuki RM-Z 450 DR Enduro QuadRacer ATV Tenneessee Washington DC West Virginia New York North Carolina Alabama New Jersey New Mexico Delaware Florida Georgia Arizona Hawaii Indiana Colorado Connecticut Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Low Cost Exercise Home Gym HGH
    Discount Suzuki RMZ 250 4T
    4. Buy Kawasaki KX F Motocross
    Kawasaki KX F features a five-speed transmission and chain final drive keep the KX 450 F running smoothly, and 12.0:1 compression ratio keeps you moving. Kawasaki KX F front suspension is handled by an inverted; Kayaba AOS fork with DLC coated sliders, 22- position compression, and 20-position damping adjustment on the rebound. Kawasaki KX F UNI-TRACK linkage system and Kayaba shock cover suspension duties on the rear, fully adjustable shock, and provides 12.4 inches of travel. Motocross line: Kawasaki KX 250F, and Kawasaki KX 450F. See the KLR and KLX 650 dual sport and enduros. Kawasaki KX 65 KX 85 KX 125 KX 250 KX 500 KX 250F KX 450F KLR 650 KLX Enduro KFX 450 ATV. Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada North Dakota Ohio New Hampshire Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Alaska Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Idaho Illinois Wisconsin Wyoming Arkansas California
    Cheap KX 250F thumper

    Kawasaki KX 450F MX Suzuki RMZ 250 RM 465 Husqvarna MX KTM 125 CZ AHMRA

    5. Buy KTM SX MX Bikes For Sale
    In these days of two-wheeled specialization, the KTM SX is a finely tuned and serious motocross weapon capable of competing at any level including national outdoor motocross and super-cross. KTM has always been open to new technology, but not to following the crowd. In all the KTM SX equation is all about fun factor. A slim ride that looks great and has the boost to slam you back on the seat every time you peg the throttle. Also check out the KTM 250 EXC and 450 EXC for cross country and enduro use. Vintage KTM SX Motocross 300 380 SX 495 500 5 speed 550 MX EXC Off Road 125cc 200cc 300 EXC 250 MC5 5 speed 450 525 250 MC5 400 4 stroke 420 MC5 2 stroke 495 Cheap Jackets and Coats Low Cost Maico Parts 250 400 MX 440 490
    Discount KTM SX
    6. AHRMA Vintage Motocross
    Vintage racing is so fun and you will be surprised just how fast some of the old bikes were. Even today it is difficult to keep up with an old Bultaco Pursang on a smooth, fast course with modern equipment. Top Makes & Models: CZ 250 CZ 380 Jawa CZ 400 Falta Bultaco Pursang 125 250 AHRMA Pursang 360 370. Vintage racing Husqvarna Husky 400 CR Husky 430 XC 450 Husky 510 TC 250 Enduro 250 CR Husqvarna 500 390 360 ATV Helmet and Motorcycle Helmets Montesa Cappra VR VB 414 Maico 250 400 440 AW Maico 501 450 MX Vintage Maico 490 Alpha Mega Pursang Pomeroy Replica 360 Bultaco Frontera 370 Astro Alpina Montadero Matador 350 Pit Bikes fast El Bandido 360 200 Sherpa S Frontera 250cc AHRMA Ossa Phanton Maico 490 GS Sand Spider Mega II AHRMA Hodaka 100 Super Rat 100b Hodaka Combat Wombat Steen Sachs DKW Greeves Griffin AJS Stormer Monark GS
    Vintage AHRMA MX Bikes Cheap Guns Glock Mossberg

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     My next ride was a Suzuki 250 that was nothing but problems. The engine was very good but I had problems with the transmission. I got to be pretty good at tearing down the motor and splitting the cases. My best motocross bike was a blazing fast Bultaco 360 Pursang. Supermoto The Buls were not new to me because my younger brother raced a Sherpa S and my dad had a Matador. The Bul is the bike I turned expert on. It is a whole different world when you are racing for cash. It was very reliable and I could race several season before tearing down the top end. Alpina 350 Lobito 175 Bultaco Matador Frontera 370 El Bandito Matadero 360 Sherpa T S My favorite of all time was a Husqvarna 430 XC. The Husky wide ratio transmission worked awesome on the fast and dry tracks super-moto.

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