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Why should you choose a Vintage Camper instead of a new one?
First start with the price. Low cost classic travel trailers were much better built than the new ones today. You can restore one for less than half the cost of an antique car! Just some basic knowledge of shop tools is all you need. The brand new ones just don't have the coolness factor.
Vintage Camper For Sale
Vintage Campers For Sale
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Classic Trailers For Sale

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My love for low cost vintage campers started about 20 years ago. A co-worker of mine owed me $350 that I loaned him to help pay his bills. He did not have the money to pay me back, so I ended up with an ugly Barh classic travel trailer from 1968. I did not know much about them, but I did learn how well they were built. It was over-built indeed! Big heavy frame and axles and an aluminum body you could not dent with a hammer. I was just amazed at the quality. It did not take much work to get it all ready. I spent a day cleaning up the interior and replacing some cabinet screws. The outside aluminum, I took a buffer and polished it up like a mirror. It took me all day saturday, but was more than worth the effort. I put on some new Goodyear Marathon tires and repacked the grease in the wheel bearings. Better than a new one and I had less than $600 as my total investment! RV classifieds cheap Airstream antique for sale Vagabond Avion Silver Streak.

I remember when racing moto-cross, I would see these guys in their new motorhomes in the pits looking high class. I would show up at the MX race with a 1965 Shasta canned ham vintage trailer with my Honda CR 250 MX bike strapped to the back. Looking back, I can see that I was the cool dude at the MX track.

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A few years later I sold the Barth and bought a 28 foot Silver Streak that was already completly restored. So it did not take much work at all to make it perfect. I paid $6,500 for it. I know is a lot, but I figure it is much cheaper than a new $40,000 Airstream. I found two for sale on my local Craigslist to buy that were under my budget of $1000. The first one was a Shasta that was missing one of it's wings. The other was a Fan Canned Ham vintage travel trailer. I bought the Fan Canned Ham as it was much more rare. You see the old Shasta brand everywhere, but I have only seen the Fan in pictures online. Buy Scotty Streamline Barth Fan Spartan Shasta Argosy Boles Aero for sale. I did have a void I needed to fill. I wanted a small canned ham style classic camper I could pull in the mountains behind my Chevy Blazer. I did not want a pop-up type as they are cheap made, and I wanted something Grizzly bear proof.
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